• handmade polymer clay earrings
  • jesmonite faceted plant pots
  • klimt inspired polymer clay earrings
  • jesmonite blue and white dish
  • pink marble polymer clay earrings
  • handmade natural soap
  • black and white jesmonite trinket dish
  • hand poured soy wax candles
  • jesmonite candle pots
  • orange polymer clay earrings
  • pink and white jesmonite trinket dish
  • blue and white polymer clay earings
  • pastel terrazzo coaster

Made By Mabel started with my great great aunt, Mabel. Despite being 3 generations away, we are identical looking. It was always a running joke in my family that I was Mabel reincarnated. Having seen photos of her, I can see why. This DNA jump inspired me to create my brand in memoriam to her.

My focus is to create handmade wares that are unique, quirky and individual, just like Mabel was. Ranging from homewares and wellbeing to earrings and jewellery, I’m sure you can find something to suit your personality.

Each piece featured on the website is made to order so every one will be slightly different, whether that’s the colour patterns or the terrazzo placement to the distribution of colours on the earrings. That’s how you know it’s been made for you, by me.