Kara, me, in 2002 aged 8
Me in 2002
Mabel, aged 12, over 100 years ago
Mabel, over 100 years ago…

Made by Mabel started from my great great aunt, Mabel. I’ve never met her, she died before I was born but I have always been told that I am Mabel, reincarnated. She had a love for theatre and the arts. I happened to go to Falmouth University to study Theatre, then open an art gallery in St Ives, Cornwall to then go on to creating my own brand in which I can make and create freely.

By living in West Penwith, Cornwall, I of course take inspiration from my surroundings, I do after all live in a world heritage site which is aptly named the Tin Coast. So called because of the mines dotted along this rugged coastline.

All the colours, textures, sounds even, influence me subconsciously. The raging seas during storms and the tranquil sounds of the seagulls create the perfect environment for creativity. It’s no wonder why so many artists and makers decide to live here.

I myself have been living here for 12 years and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. If you’d like to read more about the area please check out the Tin Coast website, full of information about the area and what else this amazing place has to offer. If in doubt, come and visit!

Based in West Penwith, Cornwall, I aim to create unique homewares and jewellery for the unique you.
There is only 1 of you in the entire world, so why shouldn’t you have something no one else can have. By making something unique to you, its special. If you want a certain colour, Contact me. If you want a specific style, Contact me. I am more than happy to create something bespoke for you, it allows me to be creative.

Using eco resin, polymer clay and wellbeing ingredients, each item is made to order which makes them all varied. I cannot control the way that the colours will come out or the pattern of them, they’re free, which is what we all need. Freedom to be who we want, do what we want and love who we want. People are unique so why can’t the things we buy be the same? If you’d like to see more about what I do then check out the Shop.

Made by Mabel is a one woman show. It can be a lot to do everything by yourself. Also in a way freeing. You can decide what to make or how to create a new range or even decide to not do anything and have a day to yourself. It also means that I don’t have anyone to rely on, it’s all down to me.

Cape Cornwall from Kenijack Valley

I support other independent businesses and always try to buy supplies and materials from them rather than the big companies. Many of my favourites are also women owned independent businesses. Shop local and small when you can, which I do because why not?

My eco promise is to use environmentally friendly materials, buy them as locally as possible and to create as little waste as possible.

When sending orders out, I don’t use new branded packaging. I collect used packaging from locals shops in the area and re-use those instead. I know there are recycled branded options available, but why send all the used packaging to be recycled when they can have another use?

Also, by not using new branded packaging it keeps the price of products down for you! By not having to buy unnecessary packing, that you all just throw away anyway you’re not contributing to more recycling, but reusing packaging again.

The Brisons from Cot Valley