Building a website is a long process…

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When you build your own website, it can start to make you hate technology. Every little thing must be thought about and managed, each colour chosen and all products loaded one by one. It’s a mammoth task to which I signed myself up for. So, it’s coming along all nicely until settings decided to change themselves. Why do these things happen? Well, when I was being taught to build my website, I remember our teacher telling us that the building programme is stupid and will only do as you tell it to do. Now, I didn’t tell this stupid thing to do anything and what’s it done… it’s own thing. Nothing major but annoying.

Everything must be thought about 3 times, you all can’t decide which screen to use so I must make sure that it all looks the same across all your screens.

It’s a lot to do and a lot to think about so bear with me as I battle my way through the screen time and try not to go cross eyed in the meantime.

I just want to make my beautiful products and give you more to choose from! For now, I shall sit behind my keyboard, furiously typing and clicking away because the quicker I do the boring stuff, the quicker I can get back to then FUN stuff!