Hello! It’s me… Kara, not Mabel

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Hello, my name is Kara and welcome to my brand, Made by Mabel. Obviously my name isn’t Mabel, I decided to use my great great aunts name as we share many things. We both have a love for theatre, the arts and all things creative herself being a dancer back in the 1930’s. Most of all though is how similar we look to each other. Identical some people say, if you want to see for yourself, have a look on my About page.

The reason I decided to make was because I needed an outlet for my mental health. 2021 has been possibly the toughest year for me, let alone the rest of the world. With Covid-19 looming over every decision made this year, I took the opportunity to become more creative and work for myself. I had many years of exposure to art and creativity as my mother has been a ceramic artist for nearly 25 years! Must have rubbed off somewhat.

Having been running my own gallery in St Ives, Cornwall, for the past 3 years it was time for a change. Covid-19 had made the high street so difficult to navigate and rely on. It was time to close the gallery and move on to new adventures. I had gained much valuable experience and will always have fond memories of the gallery. But for now it’s time to create my own brand and make some unique items for the individual you.

With Made by Mabel, I want to make something that only you own. You buy with the knowledge that there may be similar products out there, but none like the one you have in your hands. Each piece being made to order and the materials used will create one-off pieces, just for you.

So if you like what you’ve read, head on over to my Shop page to explore more and see if you can find something that makes you feel special. Remember though, each piece is made to order and will slightly vary from the images. If you want unique and quirky then this is the place to be.