March Meet The Maker 2022

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Joanne Hawker’s Instagram challenge, #MarchMeetTheMaker, is back for a new year and a whole month challenge. Doing a whole month of creative posting on Instagram is a challenge in itself. But along the way I’m making new friends and discovering an incredible amount of new talent to follow and collab with.

It’s amazing to see how many people are being creative in a multitude of ways! Across several materials, everyone is really marvellous at what they do.

Creating new content everyday though is a lot of planning and preparation. From hours spent editing reels for Instagram to hours spent making the pieces to be featured, it is a lot by yourself!

I recently sat in on a social media webinar and realised why people pay to have someone to do this for you. It is a real challenge to try and trick and get around the algorithms of the social platforms. So many tips and tricks to know, it’s all a lot to take in.

On a personal note, I myself am not a fan of social media. I tend not to use it too much as it’s not good to be constantly inundated with information or images which may affect you. It is an wonderful tool and is perfect for communication and connectivity, but you should always make sure that you take time for yourself and quiet time away from the constant stream of news and sometimes negativity.

Don’t forget about yourself! #timetoyourself

Otherwise, follow @made_bymabel or via my social links found at the bottom of the page for updates on #MarchMeettheMaker ! Only 19 more to go!

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