Spring is here and with it a fresh feel…

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Gwenver Beach, Made By Mabel, Sennen Cove, Land's End

Spring has finally arrived and with it the slightly longer days and hopefully warmer weather. With a new season comes fresh ideas and trends within the artistic community. Focus is being drawn towards the sustainability and individuality of products and makers. I can’t wait to start creating my new colours and ideas.

Supporting artisan makers and unique products is something that I’ve always wanted to focus on with my brands. I must be right on trend! Starting in St Ives, I wanted to bring back handmade artisan products and continue this with Made By Mabel.

Covid-19 has changed shopping habits for everyone. Not necessarily just moving to online sales but getting the customer to think about where these things have come from, who’s made it, is it sustainable and can it last forever? You want your own thing don’t you?

Each product is made to order, so it’s just for you. I want you to feel special and know that I’ve taken the time for your own piece and put all my love and focus into it.

By supporting people and businesses such as myself, it allows more to grow, create and become financially viable as a self employed maker. Without you, none of us could do what we love. Why would you want to buy a beautiful product that you know is in a number of homes? Why would you want to support mass production over small independants? Why can’t we break the mould?

So when you go shopping for your next gift for a friend or treating yourself, why not go to a small independent shop or look online for a handmade item? We’re here, waiting for you. We love you and want to carry on doing what we love for you. Be unique, there’s only 1 of you.